Friday, September 30, 2011

Vegeta Funny Photos

piece of cake, I know I'm not only good at fighting but also washing Bulma's underwear

what!!!! Goku is Gay?

You Idiot, that's my last sushi!

what???? both of you are married?

hahaha... yes its real I'm gay and I have a crush with Goku

Bulma :  RAPE!!!! RAPE!!!
Vegeta: shut up !!! give me your panty's its my turn to wear it...

hahaha.. BigBang attack for you stupid!!!

ohhhh... what is this game? it looks hentai

Damn it Raditz.. how many times I told you to comb your effin hair

I have this message to you earthlings... fuck you!!

hey Goku, come here..

WTF! that games cost too much.. I got ripped off

weird looking guy that looks like weird Vegeta

hey Nappa its time for you to give me a bath.. don't forget my lotion

WTF! this IPhone is piece of junk

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