Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Battle of Arcobaleno and The Guardians

  Every Arcobaleno has already chosen their representative except for Fon (most likely he's gonna pick Dino since there's no other else family to compete). Now the people are preparing for the battle for the sake of their babies, could this be just like kids fight or a serious fight with the grudges among families.
I want to see the rivalry of all the families specially the internal Vongola conflict. We could see the true of Iemitsu (Tsuna's father) facing his own son. Byakuran will also participating but didn't tell what his intention and now he's asking for alliance with Tsuna. 

Can't wait for the real action to start.....

Reborn will fight along with Vongola Decimo Family and with the leadership of Tsuna

Vongola Family (excluded Mokuro and Chrome)

Yuni will fight with Millefiore Family and with the leadership of Byakuran

Millefiore Family

Verde will fight with Kokuyou and will lead by Mokuro

Kokuyou Gang

Skull with fight with Saimon Family and with the leardership of Enma

Saimon Family

Viper will fight with Varia and with the leadership of Xansus

The Varia 

Colonello will fight with  CEDEF and with the leadership of  Iemetsu

CEDEF Organization

Fon hasn't revealed who's his representative but most likely it will be
Dino and his Cabaronne Family

Cabaronne Family

more to come.......

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