Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hitman Reborn Manga 362 - Skull Undead Body

The Vongola and Shinmon family boss were already taken down. Enma now is now in critical condition and could be elliminated as the Varia's planning to perform their greatest maneuver.

Chrome and Mukuro

In the other side of the story, Mukuro has shown up to Chrome as an illusion. He said he just want to check her condition as she is deteriorating because of Mukuro took out his illusion from her. It hasn't shown what his true intention but most likely he want to stay to Chrome body again and make use of her.

The Varia's Final Attack

  The gang is planning to do their ultimate attack against Enma and they want to kill him seriously.  Combining all their super attacks it will be the Final for Enma.

In the other side, Skull used the special feature of the Watch that turn's him back to Adult Skull within 3-minutes.

Lets Go Power Rangers!

Power Rangers attack!

The Undead Body

    Now Skulls has shown one of his ability, The Undead Body. He used it to block the insane attack from Varia. Skull was a Stuntman and probably he is not afraid of death as it says 'The Stuntman hated by the Grim Reaper Himself". He's the most toughest baby among the 7, most likely he's a defensive tanker player type, who doesn't care about the damages he'll be taking.

"The Stuntman hated by the Grim Reaper Himself..."

Shinmon Joining Skull

   After Adel realizing the danger that's Enma is facing and Skull is somehow a guy that they could trust. She decided to join in the battle for the sake of Enma. Skull was happy to hear it, as pervert ugly baby, he want to get on with  Adel.

 Skull the pervert baby want to screw Adel...
we have another Lambo here.. another annoying stupid baby

Next Chapter......

  For the next chapter, its still not clear on what's the outcome of the fight between the Father and Son, Sawada's. It looks Iemetsu is not planning to take the win but he just want to try his Son potential. Chrome and Mukuro had a conversation and there's a potential Chrome will join his team as a body of Mukuro.

In the next chapter, we will see some other fight from the other teams, Hibari Vs the Vongola, Mukuro Vs not yet been revealed..... 

Battle Has Ended.... Game Over!!!

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