Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bleach and One Piece same Old Story

Everyweek the 3 best mangas of all time will releases its latest chapter at the same day. Naruto, One Piece and Bleach will come in the same day so it will be like a "Manga day" for everyone. Since they all be releases at the same day you will have a chance to read them all in a day. Yippeeeee!!!!

 But the sad part,  I'm only getting interested with one manga among the 3. I found Naruto has a better  Story development so far and every releases  has something for you to awaits for the next issue. It has a good excitement formula for the readers. While for the other  2 mangas, One Piece and Bleach, its getting too boring or maybe I lost the interest to follow the story. Its like your thoughts gone to oblivion during your math class.

One Piece Noah's Ark  still floating in mid-sea

 One Piece is still on the story where Noah's ark will smash to fish man island, WTF! how long that arc will crash to that island, its already 5 chapters or more and until now it hasn't reached its destination. I'm not against the Manga, I love One Piece I consider it as the funniest action manga ever. I hope they finish this thing so I can get back my energy reading the story.

Finally the  Arc is almost there....
 ohh wait there's some more stories before it crash to fishman

Bleach .. you can't even kill my boredom 

 For Bleach, its the worst and lame no doubt. I don't know why its still consider as the best manga until now. I don't think there are still people who are excited about it except for the Bleachtards society who made this manga as their religion. The story its like, I'll KILL you , oppss no I'm not... I'll KILL seriously oopsss not again.....  I'll KILL you.. just kidding not again.. I'll KILL you ..' oh you made it real'!!.. but don't worry I'll be back.  It's so nonsense, if you compare the first supreme chapters, the chapter today is totally crap. The Old story has the greatness of the story, every characters has something to story to tell , its like its far better compare to Naruto (before).

the captains still in the same old outfit with the same lines.. 
nothing's changed..

  Please Kubo..don't overdo the damage you've done. Please find something  to resurrect the dead bleach fans. You might want to use the Impure Resurrection to gain back these lost fans.

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  1. While I do agree with you that the older arcs have better stories, I still enjoyed that Xecution arc! It was a nice refresher, like a restart of the anime/manga. I disagree with you on that I'll kill you oh no I won't shit. The story never unfolds like that. If someone's going to die, it's going to be a bad guy most likely, that the only annoying thing. That and characters coming back to life.


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