Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hitman Reborn Manga 379 : Damage - Bermuda vs The Rainbow Team

The Aftermath of Bermuda Dirty Fight

no one got hurt with Tsuna and the Reborn's Team vs the Bermuda...

Iemitsu had badly wounded and destroyed his Watch, that means he's done

Xanxus was wounded after his fight against the Bermuda

Yes Bermuda are Ass Holes... that's why they have tissues covered in their face

Mokoru got beaten by Bermuda, good thing Fon used his Illusion like Uchiha's Sharinggan

Lal and Colonnello Love Affair

  Now we have small romance in this Anime but its just puppy love. Imagine those babies making loves.. yes, just like Reborn said.. it's Annoying!

Punch Line: 
Your Feelings Give me courage to Live... - Lal to Colonnello

Battle Again no time to sleep

Time is gold they need to fight again to earn more for the next issue. The author is killing his heroes, they'll die with chronic diseases  and not in battle.

Wake up.. 1 minute is enough for the nap

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