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Naruto and Obito Similarities

After the released of Chapter #599, I found out that Obitio shares the same Naruto's past. They have a lot in common from their childhood to their personalities.  I guess its Kishimoto intention to make Obito a verson of Naruto during Minato's Team era. Minato is a apprentice of Jiraiya who gave a lot of wisdom about being a true Ninja. Those wisdom has been passed down by Minato to his disciple Kakashi who's Naruto's Sensie in Team Seven.

It's not coincidence that they have a lot in common, if only Obito live enough, he could be probably a good Naruto's sensei.

check their Similarities

they have both amazing Sensie who's came from Jiraiya Wisdom of teachings

They both dreams to be a Hokage

They both Trained hard to reach their Goal

They both fell in love and got rejected by a Medical Ninja

Naruto 599: Unmasking Madara ... it's Obito

The whole chapter is too silent and you can finish reading it in 3mins.. Now I know how it feels when you  read Bleach Chapters without minding of the texts.. it's really boring if you don't see any dialogue. But its funny because you will see some flash backs, the young Maito Guy, Kakashi and the their batch.

The Obito's Past

 In Team Minato, Obito is more likely Naruto in Team Seven. Clumsy, Simpleton and passionate to his team. He also have a love interest with Rin. It looks he's childhood day is really delightful that's no one will think he'll do such a horrible thing.

Can't believe this innocent looking kid.. is Tobi


  Finally, my prediction is CORRECT. From my first post about the Masked Madara my assumption on connecting the piece of mystery of him with Obito is correct.

Now the question are:

  1. How Obito raised from the Dead... Kakashi has shown he was mourning in his Grave ?
  2. Could be Rin is alive too?
  3. Who is the other Madara attacked the Konoha during the Kyubi infiltration?
  4. Can be Izuna Madara taken Obito's body as a host?
  5. What's Saigetsu doing in Obito's past?
  6. Now he has been revived, will still be getting his Death Pension?
  7. Can be Obito is Minato? just thinking because their names rhymes like Obito-tobi
  8. Where can I buy Obito goggles?
  9. What happened to Justine Bieber is Tobi rumors?

what's Saigetsu doing here?

Impress a Girl.... Fail!

Obito/Tobi face squashed by a rock .. again

Somewhere in fake Naruto Manga... they say its Chuck Norris

You must be reading a fake Manga if you see Son Goku as Tobi

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Haux Alert : Izuna Madara is Tobi as Kishimoto Revealed in his Interview

Just went to my facebook and seen someone posted about Kishimoto's interview from Comic Market. First of all it looks genuine to me, so I read the article and it makes me believe that's could be true. But after thinking about it again on way back home, I speak to my thinking "wait... Kishimoto NEVER ever reveal any piece of his next chapter even a bit of spoiler. So I did my own research"

If you haven't seen the original post.. you can find here:

It's a Haux

Then after a while, a lot of people posting their comments and confirmed that's the interview never happened and it's just another haux story from your mail that you need to trash. Another lonely Fan boy frustrated to convince everyone that his prediction is correct. You know how fans when they reading too much they gone out from reality and making stupid things.

Here's another post in Fandom that's saying the Interview isn't real:

Here is another post which I'm not sure if its genuine but nonetheless its telling about the crap story about Izuna

The Old Haux about  Minato as a Akatsuki

As I Remember, there are some of  Haux that has been posted by a lot fan boy, one of those saying - the leader of Akatsuki was Yondaime- Minato Namikzae , Naruto's father. A lot of people got believed with it, that even the Manga has been already released  and confirmed that the Haux is a Crap, yet there are still a lot of fans keeping on believing Minato is the leader and hoping someday it will be confirmed to be true.


I still respect the creator's bright mind. He's still giving a lot of surprises with the story. So far, for me its so unpredictable and he always has the best idea to make the story go. One of my Prediction is Madara could be Obito but I could be wrong. Kishimoto is a true genius, he's one of the author I look up and respected.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kursaki Ichigo and Leo the Lion

I just noticed, Leo and Ichigo shares the same look or rather they're look-alike. In Anime world, there's a lot of duplicate characters that we can find because its Anime has distinguish style so no wonder some Artist may accidentally copied someone. Remember there's a lot character that are based from DragonBall, that's because the Artist has an influenced with their Anime they grown up to.

Blonde and Blonder

Saturday, August 25, 2012

WHAT IF Son Goku Came to the Comics world of DC and Marvel

People will argue that if you combine Marvel and DC comics superheroes are still no much with Son Goku in  Super Saiyan 3 form. So how much superheroes it will takes to match even a Super Saiyan? A Blahblah Science study shows, if you put all of them and put it in a Comics, you will get a 1000 of pages per Hero to match a  Super Saiyan Goku. But whocares about it, everyone knows no one can match him.

Imba.. this GodMode!

Spiderman will be just like a house spiders to get killed by a Super Saiyan

in Reality Superman is already dead with that weak job

Meets the Mightiest Family in The Galaxy

Superman toasted with a Kameha-meha

Naruto's Cast Hair Style


They say Hairs magnifies your Personality, in this case Hinata still looks a shy looking girl whatever hairs she take on.

People who Taught Naruto a Lesson

People who influenced Naruto Ideology. Thanks to all these guys, without them Naruto will bunch of Pokemon's Story.

Ibaka - I Taught Naruto To Become a Ninja
Zabusa - I inspired him to create his Nindo
Jiraiya - I taught him his Strongest Jutsu
Kakashi - I taught him the Final Form of his Strongest Jutsu
Killer B - I taught him to tame the Nine Tails
Sasuke - I kissed him and Ran Again (^ o ^)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Naruto 598: 99% Obito is Madara

It's getting closer now to reveal who's behind the Masked Madara but as for my speculation he's 99% Obito unless of course Kishimoto decided to change it. I'm free to get mistake because I'm just a regular reader and Kishimoto is the master of this manga so I leave the best result to him.

Kakashi still reminiscence the grave that he gave to Obito... maybe Obito doesn't like his tomb that's he went back to life ... 
"Obito: Kakashi.. I don't like the color of my Tomb.. you will pay for this...." 

Kakashi unleashed again the Kamui in exchange of his last chakra at the same time
Madara release the same Jutsu, both of them shares the same dimension but why they don't
see each other in other dimension?

Double the Trouble .. the Kamui's

Finally, next chapter this has been the question for so long years ...
these are the question we be answered next chapter:

  1. Who is Madara?
  2. Is Obito is the real Madara, really.. I mean Really Really?
  3. How Obito came back to life if he's Madara?
  4. How's Madara always carrying a big fan?
  5. Who designed his mask?
  6. Where can I buy his mask?
  7. Is Ichigo is gay?
  8. Do you have justin Beiber tickets?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Naruto 597 : Masked Madara is Obito

Wow... my prediction that Masked Madara is Tobi is getting closer.. its almost 50% true now after Kakashi confirmed that they both shares the same power meaning they shares they same eye. And Masked Madara reveled he acquired the eye from the Third Shinobi War at Kannabi Bridge.

Madara and Kakashi Face Off

Tobi and Kakashi Face Off

They both used the same power Kamui a space-dimension justsu. According to Urban Dictionary its, Kamui is a God and another one is like a poser copy-cat or a patch. So it means like copying someone's ability. But
Kamui in Urban Dictionary

Madara mentioning about the Kanabi Bridge

Though in partial, Madara is saying he acquired the Sharinggan from Tobi during the war but it could be he's just flopping about it. Remember he can do the Kamui, maybe Tobi able to escape c from his grave.. sounds ridiculous. It could be also a Medical Ninja recovered his body and done something to his body. Anyway let leave you the rest of beautiful story to the Smart Kishamoto.

Kanabi Bridge after he war

Another proof, when Madara's tell about the "Hero doesn't need to make pitiful excuses in front of Graves" , he must be referring to his Grave after the war.

Masked Madara and BullsEye

Naruto Movie is now Showing....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Naruto 271 : Funny Scenes

Naruto Movie poster caught in a Anime episode

Shino's Mental Torture

Why Shino hates these Plants

Sakura's Medical Inspection to Tsunade

why nobody likes Shino?

Kiba as Cosplayer

Fairy Tail : Insane Jokes

Erza never likes morons

No one dares to Mock Erza's Plan

Truly Evil

Erza the Dancing Demon

Planning Sucks

Fairy Tail : Sexy Jokes

Beware of Gay Goons... they hate girls

Do they allow this kind of Wedding Gown?

Anyone wonder when they tie up a girl they always leave the big part?

Say No to Low Class Dress...

Everbody loves Justin Bieber Pajamas

Safety Air Bag... it will save you at most time

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