Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Naruto and Obito Similarities

After the released of Chapter #599, I found out that Obitio shares the same Naruto's past. They have a lot in common from their childhood to their personalities.  I guess its Kishimoto intention to make Obito a verson of Naruto during Minato's Team era. Minato is a apprentice of Jiraiya who gave a lot of wisdom about being a true Ninja. Those wisdom has been passed down by Minato to his disciple Kakashi who's Naruto's Sensie in Team Seven.

It's not coincidence that they have a lot in common, if only Obito live enough, he could be probably a good Naruto's sensei.

check their Similarities

they have both amazing Sensie who's came from Jiraiya Wisdom of teachings

They both dreams to be a Hokage

They both Trained hard to reach their Goal

They both fell in love and got rejected by a Medical Ninja

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