Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why Bleach Zankpakatou Materialization Is A Crap?


1. Think this again, Kouga has been sealed... and Muramasa mission is to find where he's been sealed just to free him. Now Byakuya allied with him to find Kouga just to kill or sealed him again? . His Zankpakatou said he didn't kill Muramasa so he can face Kouga... wow.. nice plot.
Why then he let Muramasa freed Kouga just because he want kill Kouga? I thought Byakuya clan are the smartest people in Shinigami.

2. Again they say Byakuya Clan is the smartest people, unfortunately the reason why Kouga retaliate because the old Byakuya head doesn't give him honor and he saying over and over that he doesn't know to control his power.. WTF? its too stupid ,you let someone condemn by others brutally and in the end you will just tell him that he don't have enough patience to clear himself.

3. Kouga has enough reason to be Evil and kill all the stupid shinigamis, so sad he didn't win because of course he's not a good guy.

4. At first they say you can not let anyone destroy your own zankpakatou or else it won't return to itself. So at the beginning everyone are afraid to destroy their cute swords, but after the clash in Seriete Kenpachi destroyed Wasabe without hesitation and no big-deal at all.

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