Thursday, November 10, 2011

Naruto : 4th Raikage Left Arm - Manga Fail

The Epic five kages pin up got Epic did the 4th Raikage gotten back his arm? 
After seeing the exciting pose, the people almost forgot that Raikage should have no arm. Its a failed epic, maybe the artist got too excited to pin up the page and forgot the correct details. 

The Epic Pin Up with missed drawn of Raikage's left-arm

 As we recall, the Raikage lost his arm during the fight with Sasuke when he tried to penetrate to Sasuke's Amaterasu . Because of his hatred for the belief of killing his brother, he recklessly attacked the flame, resulting to losing his left-arm.

Lightning fist penetrated to Amaterasu, poor arm, now he have to use one hand

But don't worry before the fans gone to rally and sends letter complains, they able to correct it back as for the Chapter-563, Raikage lost his other arm again. Now he have to get back to enjoy his right-arm again.

After this failure, they got a sticky-note from their editors that says 'Don't forget ... No Left-Arm or else you're FIRED! '  this way they won't commit  the same mistake again.

Sorry Raikage, they  decided to take out your arm again


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