Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bleach has Ended But Nobody Cares

Finally the most awaited Ending has come... and nobody damn cares. I don't even know that Bleach has no releases for the past few weeks, does anyone feel it?  maybe the Bleachtards are preparing for their hunger strike or mass suicide because they have no more reason of their existence.

This is the best year for all Bleach Haters... finally Kubo decided to end his miserable creation. Please kubo don't do another chapter, you should had closed the chapter during the Vizards and Arrancar chapter.

Bleach ended when Ichigo sucked up by the firing hell with no reason.. this way he'll never come back ever ... not even the 7 Magic DragonBalls... (Gokou will destroy the snake road to make sure we won't come back)

Good Bye  BLEACH ... and don't ever come back!

For the record I WAS a big BLEACH fan during the Vizards and Arrancar chapters... I hated it when Kubo's screwed the story where he should ended it during that chapter . Atleast people will have a smile in their face that it ended perfectly with fame. Again Bleach has the most blinded and retarded fans and they'll keep on bashing about this... they hates when they're only-reason-to-live-precious-manga compared to overrated Manga's because they feel how SORE LOSERS they are.
I pity this people. Chill out! 


  1. Just because you hate it that doesnt mean it wasnt good. Personally i, rather watch bleach than naruto. I started watching naruto back in the days in 2004 and tou know what ? I stopped 2 years ago, stupid and childish fillers and non exciting battles, all of them resum to naruto talking about how he was descriminated when he was a kid and then he would do some kage bunshins and rasengans and he saved another day! At least bleach battles where dynamic and exciting.

    Well just to say that bleach is not the worst anime ever an your opinion is just wrong

    1. To the first commenter: i disagree that naruto is childish now, in fact its more exciting than it ever was.. you stopped watching 2 years ago? that is stupid because now all the story of the past is revealed and the main antagonist now is a badass that is related to the very first beginning of the naruto series (even the first scene). As for bleach i think its better the show stopped because everything is so predictable (except the last arc but offcourse they had to)and the new characters were too uncool. Im not bleach hater in fact im sad that the anime stopped but i think its better this way. Perhaps everyone will miss bleach somehow and creators will have some time to figure out a cool story and characters...

    2. what happened to the other captains that hasn't shown their Bankai? the vice captain died but yet they never shown his bankai .. though they said he used it in battle, that's stupid.. that's the most the author can think of.. can't ever think of something good.. hope this stupid manga ends

    3. At least Kubo had the creativity to make a great story.

  2. Ahhh... you said you hated the anime but why did you follow the anime/manga to the end... like if you hate it dont watch/read it

  3. hi Bleach fans.. when you'll be commencing your mass suicides? don't forget to take your Bleach manga's collection with you.. its just a garbage here on Earth, innocent kids might pick it up and will ruined their child minds... enjoy killing your selves

  4. Author, sorry for being captain obvious, but you're retarded.
    Simply, because you have no arguments about why it has been closed.
    They made a break and will continue publishing at February.

    In your face, Hater a.k.a Failier.

  5. Hahahahaha the author is hattttinngg so damn badly that he reminds me of myself when i was 9. He is funny actually. Let him be in his retarded and childish ignorance

  6. kill Ichigo... kill him.. bwahaha!

  7. Dear: For all of the HATERS

    you're saying now that you hate Bleach, but look at you you're giving some time just to comment or put some review for Bleach and you've said that it is so BORING but come to think of it, have your names been on any magazines or any news, the answer is never, I just look at every haters and all I see in you is that you really envy Bleach, because you can't resist to just look at it and give some effort for it, and for those who say that you're happy that Bleach is ending, well I pity you because it only means you've been following Bleach for long and you've waited for it to end, see, who's the LOSER now HATERS!!!!!!


  8. I don't hate Bleach ,cuz i just started to watch it.
    To me Naruto is more interesting then Bleach. Idk that is my opinion. But i like the final battle Ulquiorra vs Ichigo. (i was on Ulquiorra's side, and when he "killed" Ichigo i was "yes finaly", then he is revive in his final hollow mode...)

    1. Should I understand why someone would want a follower of Aizen to win against the almighty Ichigo? Hell, Hollow Ichigo is far cooler than Ulquiorra.

  9. Pokemon in Bleach? Really? That's the furthest your imagination extends? When Ichigo fought all those opponents, his full power was always on lockdown. What happened to Ichigo when he was about to lose to Ulquiorra was a release of his deeper powers and abilities. Like access to high speed regeneration or unleashing a cero.

    His power boost is justified and legit.

  10. Funny you should say so, because all I see before me is a retard wasting his/her/it's time talking about how much he/she/it hates Bleach.

    If I'm a Bleachtard and you don't like anything good enough to be a tard about anything then that makes you a nomadtard. Moving from one piece to another. Heh. Jack of all trades, master of none.

  11. Bleach is forever! All hail Ichigo!


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