Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orochimaru is Gay

My elongated tounge will sucks all your juices... 
(ohh too gay as it sounds)

WTF!... take off those camera or I'll lick it

I know it... Kabuto is wearing my panty

hey Sasuke .. here kid.. I have candy I'll give you more if you come with me

Naruto won't buy a weird gay clown offering candy in exchange with body

what? Kabuto you're gay too?

Stop playing that sound... I can't take it ... can you play more feminine sounds?

I think I know those size? I have squashed those kind before


  1. Funny funny funny!!! Happy Birthday to him!!!!

  2. You can find many types of Japanese candy at AsianFoodGrocer and other Japanese food import sites.


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