Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hitman Reborn : The Curse of the Rainbow

Can't wait for the next issue about this chapter. The cool babies will reveal their secrets and will see in action as they cross their paths fighting for the cure of their curse but there's only one will be granted to get rid off their curs. Though its predictable it will Lal will have it since she not considerably  part of the arcobaleno and the weakest of them all. Anyway I know there's a lot of surprises ahead and we won't be dissapointed.

yellow - orange - indigo - green - violet - red - blue - and so on....

The Arcobaleno

Luce - the sky (inherited to Yuni)

Yuni the new Sky Pacifier bearer

Fon - The Storm Arcobaleno , 2nd most powerful and has a lot of hidden intention

Reborn - the Sun Arcobaleno and strongest among all the babies

Collonelo - The Rain Arcobaleno  , Hitman's rival and in match with power

Verde - The Lightning Arcobaleno, looks a mad scientist and the smartest among all babies

Skul - The Cloud Arcobaleno , the ugliest and dirtiest baby. As a punk and a Emo he must be the baddest ass among babies.

Viper (Mammon) - The Mist Arcobaleno, he has been defeated by Chrome during their battle though he hasn't shown his full potential. He must be insanely strong.

Lal - The Corrupted Arcobaleno , Collonelo always at her back and always saving her as the result she didn't get the full pacifier

Vindice Arcobaleno, this look weirdo like mummified baby has to reveal its secret soon

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