Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Naruto 600: Obito and Madara Team Up

After the revelation of Tobi's true identity, Kakashi can't believe what he has just found out. Obito, his best buddy  is still alive!, this made him on freeze  and a lot of nostalgia come out to his senses. 

Obito's want to have Revenge from Rin's Death.. 
on how Rin's died..? we still don't know yet... 

Obito saying it doesn't matter who he is and for him he's nothing and Obito is dead as a person. Making the people wonder if he's still really the Real Obito or some ghost possessed his body. Obito also mentioned that he wants to revenge for Rin's death because Kakashi didn't fulfill he's promise. This give me a question, why he didn't revive her since he just come back to life too. There's still some unanswered question about how Obito's revived from his grave, it could be Orochimaru is behind on all of this .

Who want's a Shringgan Transplant for your Birthday's Gift?

Kakashi is still  thinking his Good Friend Obito who offered his eye as a Gift to his achievement. Still can't accept the truth that's Obito is the mastermind of all the Evil things happening. Could Kakashi STOP Obito from fulfilling is Plan... ? I guess NOT.. because it will be too swallow and emo.

It's OVER... Chuck Norris joined the Dark Side..

The Young and Old Obito

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