Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Naruto and Hinata the Future Family

Hinata doing the way like a boy and Naruto is keeping avoiding it like a girl

Naruto and Hinata, a pretty much love team that never been unfold. Because of the busy fighting side by side in the story, Kishimoto never had the time to give some frames to show Hinata and Naruto's love team.
Enough of Sakura pathetic love shits, I'm not sure if anyone is interested about it, even her fans won't buy that story. 

Soon it will be new generation of Konoha, like Goku started his family with Chichi and they have Gohan. Then maybe some where in universe will invade Konoha like Vegeta.

Anyone ever imagine Naruto will have a kid that looks a paper-copy of him..
Hope everything will get inherited except his IQ

Will their kids will inherit Hinata's Byakugan and maybe Naruto's Uzumaki lineage

perhaps when they got a teen-age girl.. this will be looks liks

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