Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Naruto Manga 618 - The Hokages Return

Guys.. check out the Hokages... are they gonna fight along with Orochimaru or will help the Konoha to fight Madara?.. we will see next time.

SPOILER!.. since Minato has been ressurected, he will get a chance to talk to Naruto and maybe there's spell to brought him back to the real world. Maybe there's a 7 Magic Dragon Balls in Konoha...

Exciting chapter, what's the reason why Orochimaru ressurected the Dead Hoakages? He said he want to know something about the past. HMmmmmm.. some points I think...

  1. To find his lost baby pic, when he was in snake's egg shell
  2. To bless his marriage with Sasuke, (same-sex marriage may be allowed in Konoha)
  3. To find who's the cutest Hokage
  4. To get a photo, so he can post it to his facebook

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