Sunday, September 4, 2011

Idiotism Of Anime Heroes

I listed all the all common denominator of our Famous Anime Heroes from Gokou (dragonball Z) , Naruto (Naruto) , Luffy (One Piece) and Natsu (Fairy Tail).

Insane Idiotisim

     - here are the top worst idiotism in the Word of Anime

     #5 Tsuna Sawada -

       Tsuna as a junior high school student, is not an ordinary dumb student. He always failed on everything in academics exam, physical test, home economics test and all the test they can have. That's why they always called him "Useless Tsuna". Even in riding a bicycle he have to used a support wheels because he doesn't know to balance. Another guy that shares his idiotism is Enma his friend who always having a problem to fight back, even a dog can took out his food.

     #4 Gokou -

       Being an Alien from planet Vegeta and got amnesia from hitting his head on the rock, he has somehow has an excuse for being dumb.  Knowing nothing about earth and earthlings because the fact that he's an Alien and on the top of it , he was been risen from the mountain by his grandpa Gohan. This  make him a uncivilized kid in the city and doesn't know  anything but to fight.

     #3 Naruto -

          He's somehow has an advantage with Gokou since he grew up as a normal kid with some friends that surrounds him and with Senpai's in the academy. Despite of the great Konoha education system, Naruto as a kid always failed for all the academics exam. His IQ is behind imaginable too LOW  that even Kiba's dog can outsmart him. He always failed in some simple things, too reckless to pursue something without thinking first. He sometimes talk nonsense that even himself doesn't understand.

    #2 Natsu -

            Like Naruto, he's lock up of IQ in terms of academic. With his buddy pet Happy, they're both sharing the quality stupid. There's always a point that they both ask each other on what they were trying to say and they always both failed. Natsu is the same like Gokou who doesn't know anything in the world because we has been raised by a dragon so what will you expect from a kid who was been risen by a dragon. Natsu doesn't know anything but to fight even with no reason.

     #1 Luffy -

             The guy that has the worst IQ ever is Luffy. No doubt he'll be the one, he's accidentally funny seriously-looking guy that has no clue what's happening on everything. He even say things that he don't understand and he will ask himself what was it. Anyway a rubber doesn't have a brain so maybe that's a good excuse.

         Being the captain of his ship, his crew always had the hard time to pick what his thinking. They always surprised by the way he decide on things. Like when picking up a crew, on how he have taken Brook as their musician without thinking Brooks is a bone zombie. His  way of thinking is behind imaginable and worst than stupid idiot. Goodness he has a great crew to support him.

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