Monday, September 5, 2011

What's the Common of All the Famous Anime Heroes

I listed all the all common denominator of our Famous Anime Heroes from Gokou (dragonball Z) , Naruto (Naruto) , Luffy (One Piece) and Natsu (Fairy Tail)

1. Idiotism (moron, imbecile , dumb.... ) , nothing to explain this more... but their story became great and enjoyable to read because of being dumb and totally funny

2. They have a girl in their life but they are clueless about it. Naruto has Hinata who's trying to show her attention but seems Naruto is too busy with fighting or dumb about love so he's totally clueless about it. Same fate with Naruto goes with Gokou has Chichi, Natsu has Lucy and Luffy has Hancock.

3. They never run out of power in their last battle... or should I say they always has the last laugh. Maybe all heroes has this qualities that they will never fall to their villian hands but the most fun part is when they about to get defeated they out burst their power to win.

4. Accidentally Pervert. There are some occasion they will caught perverting a hot chick  that's totally by accident or unintentional. This happens a lot with Naruto and Natsu... Luffy and Gokous is not aware of this.

5. They have BIG appetite with their favourite food. Gokou loves to eat anything he wants, Naruto loves anything but ramen, Luffy loves meat and Natsu has a big appetite with Fire. Most of the time if they had their favourite food, they will regain their strength and fire up.


  1. a very nice analysis with anime heroes. its true that most of the main character are somehow stupid but in the end they are the eye catcher of the show. having a serious anime sometimes ends up to be boring. :)

    Smith | eye chart

  2. yes I agree with you Smith... that's make them funny for being stupid.. if they're dead serious there's nothing to laugh about


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