Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Naruto 563 : The Great 5 Kages Vs Madara

Now the long waits to see the great 5 kages team-up has been  fulfilled. This chapter is amazing, it has a lot of actions and great combo from the 5 kages.

The great kages team up and ready to kick the ass of the bad ass

The Kages Combo

 In this chapter a lot of combination we have seen. Showing they all both knows how to use their own advantage and how to synch with each other.

Mizukage and Raikage combination attack. They did the first move, Mizukage releases his Lava while Raikage is aiming for the attack. They got successful to penetrate Madara's defense and leave him insane to release his Susanoo.

Raikage and Mizukage teamp up. The lightning and the lava combination

Madara is dead serious and wan't to kill them brutally by summoning
freaky Susanoo 

 Tsuchikage and Kazekage defense combination. After Madara released a powerful attack from Susanoo the old and young kages team up to protect the alliance and all the ninja in the area of the attack. They got successful to release the Stone Golem and Shield of the Sand.

Its indecent to  see a Woman Sand on top of the Stone Golemn..
what are they thinking?

  Raikage and Tsuchikage power-ups combo. This is one of the great combo I've seen, if I'm a ninja I'll be teaming up with Tsuchikage because you can have supports , offense and defense. Tsuchikage supports Raikage attack by making him light and increase the his speed. Because of Raikage's superb speed, Madara's sharingan became useless.

Back Stab attack to Susanoo.. like a ninja indeed

Onoki Tsuchikage admits that he wants to be the Tsuchikage of the allience and unite all the scattered villages. He changed his idealism and became a changed man that who want's a complete peace for all by stopping the chain of hatred where it had started it all.

  The Combo of the 5 kages is great, its like playing a xbox action-adventure  game. You have a healer like Hokage, you have a defense and supports specialist Kazekage and Tsuchikage, you have diversion offense specialist like Mizukage and you have full melee attacker like Raikage.  The what I called Super Combo Extreme!!

We must WIN!!!

   Like in a basketball game before to start the game or if its in a crucial game, they're shouting this cheer 'WIN!!!'. Now the Kage's are dead serious to win this Madara's insane game. Can they be successful to achieve this? The fate goes to Naruto as he will fight the final test.

They looks playing a Bingo or playing in casino roulette ... 
all together they're shouting WIN!!!

Next Chapter (564)...

   Another exciting chapter ahead, another week to wait but yet its still fan and something to look forward.
The Battle Begins between the Mask Madara vs Nine tails Naruto. Will we gonna see who's the man behind the mask? Is it Orochimaru, Senju, Sasuke or whatever we haven't seen yet? Will Naruto finish the fight in one blow? we will see next time...........

Head to head match up... (literary)  
how the hell Naruto bumped to Madara's head without Madara noticing it? 
I think he hasn't get used to with his new mask and didn't see what's coming

............ something from the bin

still the bad ass Uchiha Madara that looks like a rapist of your kitten

Exchange Blows from  Naruto and 3rd Kazekage, Rasengan vs lightning finger

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