Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Naruto 599: Unmasking Madara ... it's Obito

The whole chapter is too silent and you can finish reading it in 3mins.. Now I know how it feels when you  read Bleach Chapters without minding of the texts.. it's really boring if you don't see any dialogue. But its funny because you will see some flash backs, the young Maito Guy, Kakashi and the their batch.

The Obito's Past

 In Team Minato, Obito is more likely Naruto in Team Seven. Clumsy, Simpleton and passionate to his team. He also have a love interest with Rin. It looks he's childhood day is really delightful that's no one will think he'll do such a horrible thing.

Can't believe this innocent looking kid.. is Tobi


  Finally, my prediction is CORRECT. From my first post about the Masked Madara my assumption on connecting the piece of mystery of him with Obito is correct.

Now the question are:

  1. How Obito raised from the Dead... Kakashi has shown he was mourning in his Grave ?
  2. Could be Rin is alive too?
  3. Who is the other Madara attacked the Konoha during the Kyubi infiltration?
  4. Can be Izuna Madara taken Obito's body as a host?
  5. What's Saigetsu doing in Obito's past?
  6. Now he has been revived, will still be getting his Death Pension?
  7. Can be Obito is Minato? just thinking because their names rhymes like Obito-tobi
  8. Where can I buy Obito goggles?
  9. What happened to Justine Bieber is Tobi rumors?

what's Saigetsu doing here?

Impress a Girl.... Fail!

Obito/Tobi face squashed by a rock .. again

Somewhere in fake Naruto Manga... they say its Chuck Norris

You must be reading a fake Manga if you see Son Goku as Tobi


  1. the girl with the "rinngan" is kurenai. and she does not have the rinnegan. it is something else, that looks like the rinnegan.

  2. and also the one you call saigetsu is genma. he always has a senbon in his mouth

  3. Its Kurenai and Sarutobi.. its Genma that looks like Saigetsu.. in manga his hair is white but anime its dark-blonde.. nice observation though


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