Thursday, November 3, 2011

Naruto : Kakashi without the Mask

Ever wonder what does Kakashi really looks like without the mask? ever-since as a gennin he already have the mask, remember the arc of Kakashi Gaiden where as a kid he  coated his whole body just like an old fashion ninja. 

young kakashi in Kakashi Gaiden Arc

  In one episode in Anime, the stone sculpture master of the Hokages face, wants him to take off his mask so he can mold his face but he refuse to do it so. He rather give up being an alternative Hokage than agreeing it.

Anime episode - 219, the sculpture master want's to put a wax on Kakashi face
to mold it to the stone

They say Kakashi probably handsome just like Danzo when he was young.
One episode he came to eat to a shop and he put out his mask, the owner daughter got a loving eyes on him. Ever wonder how he brush his teeth or wash his face with the mask? how he eat with the mask? most probably his mask is disgusting smelly because he spit on it.

of course Kakashi have to remove the mask when he eat

Some fans try hard to speculate his face from the mask,
he looks like Trunks from DBZ though

Some other speculates it could be Chuck Norris face
because he's too awesome

Behind the Mask

 A short clip about Kakashi's pet dogs discussing to Naruto what Kakashi face really looks like.

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