Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hitman Reborn Manga 360 - Father and Son Battle

Father and Son

   Ok the battle now started after Iematsu trying convince his son to release his hypermode and fight him seriously. Tsuna is pretty much hesitant because he knows how strong his power is and thinking his just another lazy stubborn guy. But after some words from his father that looks he just trying to train his son and see how strong he is, Tsuna did an attack with his hypermode.

the punch that let his father reminisce how he punch like a baby,
this show how superb his father is,  able withstand with his strong attack

Iematsu Dying Will Flames

 Now his father turn to show his stuff, his father possess the Dying Will Flame too and just like him. No wonder where Tsuna got his flames obviously its from the blood. Iematsu attacked his son and got him knocked down. Probably its not yet over because Tsuna is capable of fighting even in his terrible condition  and plus he is the hero here.

Iematsu Dying Will Flames, he like Son Goku who trains his son Gohan in supersaiyan mode

the father needs  to hurt his son to be tough and to learn his mistakes, 
this the rudest way to teach your son

Fon Mystery Representative

 Just what I predicted, Hibari will join Fon for the rainbow battle. So far he has no other team mates because Hibari doesn't like to group to others. More surprising is he is up to to his former teammates and ready to bite them to death. 

hibari will bite to death with his baby Fon his master

For the next issue, Hibari will fight Gekundera, Yamamoto and Ryohei. The strongest Vangola guardian will fight the other guardian. In the other side, Enma is fighting with the Varias, who's gonna win in the next issue?

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