Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hitman 364 : The Second Day (Verde Team On Top)

The Verde Team Hideout

 After the first 10minutes battle, it has been decided that the Verde time consists of the powerful illusionists has taken over the ranking. Taking down 5 heads in the first battle is really unbelievable, yet they haven't told what's the secret of their winnings. What did Verde do to make the Mukuro and Flan to be too much powerful? Did he implanted Mangekyo Sharinggan to make their Illusion more powerful?

The Verde Team taking all the points in just one day... What kind of illusion did they do?
Is this ranking is just an illusion? Did they used Mangekyo Sharinggan to make everybody fall into their imagination?

Fruity Style Team

 Flan as a stupid disciple of Mokoru is still out of his mind. Being bullied by everyone and specially his brutal crazy master and yet has no idea about what he is. They're having their celebration for the first victory they had and they're now planning for their next move. As a team they're be having their own trademark and that's the Fruity Style. Mokoru the pineapple, Flan the Apple and Verde the strawberry.. that will be nutritiousness healthy.

Here comes the Fruity Style Team..  how fruity sweet idea...

Reborn's Team needs to get reborn

 In the other side, Reborn gathered his team and making their new plan. Tsuna is still traumatic on what happened to his battle against father that's making him don't want to go back home and stay along with his friends. Its a kid beaten by his father and ran away home and don't wanna show up. Along with their plan they have to be secured even in school because they'll never know when the attack will come. It's weird even in the cost of  their life for the battle, Reborn's still want them to attend their studies. Study even you're about to die.

So Reborn decided to put an under cover guy for them while they're in school. In that guy is Dino as a substitute English Professor. So now they have someone on their side to fight along even in school.

Dino as the Professor, now Tsuna will get good grades for sure...

Reborn and Uni alliance

They went to  Uni place to check their information regarding the power that Verde's has having. In her place Uni revealed that there will be two team will get eliminated.

Who's that two team? is it maybe their own team will be eliminated?

What's in the Next Issue....

 The next issue as Uni revealed... two team will be eliminated... who are those two team?
My analysis, it could be the CDEF and the Varia or CDEF and Simon...

Why CDEF ?
 Though the two team are really strong but if we're going to look at the story itself.. they don't have much story to tell. CDEF as we know Iemitsu can sacrifice a win to his son and knowing the team has low value as base for popularity ranking.

Why Varia?
  Varia has shown so much part in the story and its about time to remove the spot light from them. They are all too much and readers may want to see some things else to the battle.

Why Simon?
 Enma is not that much strong against the other teams. Their team must be the weakest if you're gonna compare their fighting skills. Again readers might don't want them to see in the prolonged battle since they're already taken the last story.

 Yet the best thing about all this is to yet what will the creator will do. He knows what best.. and I believe with Akira Amano with his intelligence creativity and great story development.

..... let's wait for the next issue then....

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