Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hitman 363 : The Threat Team

Bad News 

 Reborn asked a report with their first 10 minutes battle  in Battle of the Rainbow. Ryohei told him that he's the only one lost because Hibari destroyed his wrist watch but he didn't get any damage. The same with Gokundera and Yamamoto which they managed to run away from Hibari using Yamamoto Flame and Rain Tranquility. Somehow Hibari is pretty kind to his former team even though he's still want to bite them to death.

Yamomot and Gokundera Vs Hibari
battle of the Hunks

The Bad Ass Dynamite Freak

  Tsuna admitted that he lost after the strong attack from his Dad though his Dad didn't destroy his wrist watch. They thought that it is out of love-of-a-Father the reason his didn't finish him off , its because Reborn came to the battle at the peek of time and made an arrangement with Iemitsu team.

Sawada's Alliance

  After Reborn and Collonelo made a deal in exchange of Tsuna's defeat, they have agreed that they will make an Alliance. The two most Rival Baby's Reborn and Collonelo is now a team. Tsuna will partner with his father, this will be nice because Iemetsu can teach his son more superb technique since they both has the same dying flames.

Deal or No Deal... Rivals will team up for the name of price

The Ranking

  The Checker Face, the promoter and proprietor of the Battle of the Rainbow has announced the ranking after the 10minutes battle. It appears that there's a lot of team lost their member and also some able to survive.

Checker Face... the pedophile bastard

I don't know if its because of wrong translation... Number of Lost should be 'Number of Win'
or maybe the Number Defeated should be switched to Number of Lost...
its confusing  though...

 Looking at the Rankings, it appears that Verde manage to defeat 5 members in 2 different's fight. Uni and Collonello lost their members with battling against the Verde. The Dark Horse they said, there must be something mystery from their winnings. 

 Everbody is wondering what's Verde is up to? how he able to manage to have 5 wins in two different's fight. The Mad Scientist Baby is really insane to win the battle and he will do anything to get the out from the curse. Mukuro and Flan team up that's making them the strongest Illusionist team in the battle.

The Ultimate Illusionist... you're not looking at the real thing.. 
it's an illusion


Next Issue:

  I guess Verde did something to enhance his Illusionist Team and acquiring Flan in their team is another great advantage. As we know Flan and Mukuro are the only people who can use impersonating or face-copy technique. This is also must be the reason they're trying to acquire Chrome to join them, who is also an illusionist.

  In the other side, Mukuro is maybe detoriating from Verde's experiment that's why in his other image he's asking for help from Chrome or maybe ti his trick to get Chrome fall into his trap

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