Thursday, December 8, 2011

Naruto Manga 566 : Eye and Beast

The chapter entitled Eye and Beast actually the title tells about the next chapter not the current story. Anyway nothing much interesting in the chapter as what as we know Killer-B is a bad Ass and he can kill all the 7 jinchuuriki's all by himself.

Killer B in his Ultimate Hachibi Form

  The first time I saw his form it made me hungry and I want to like Sushi or Calamares. Anyway his gigantic form made the Jinchuuriki's trembled with fear and out matched. He made a big whirlpool that made the opponents stun for some time. Using that freezing time he released his Ink Clone to seal off the jinchuurikis and try to taking off the chakra rods but he failed.

The Gigantic Sushi

Its the octopusee gang party, run for your life because they will rape you

 7 Jichuunrikis in Bijuu's Form

 Naruto and Killer B thoughts they're only the guys that can go to Bijuu's form, now sure they're mistaken.
The Jichuunriki transformed themselves in their Bijuu's form making them more powerful and giving the two Hero a big pain in the ass.

Tail Fighters lets unite and fight for our Freedom... this is WAR!!!!

Guess Who's Gonna Join the Party?

  While the 7 Bijuu's attacking the two Hero, Madara got a chance to penetrate to Naruto to steal his Kyubi.
But he didn't sense who's coming to save Naruto. It was the Green Beast and the Copycat of Konoha's pride. Now the Eye and Beast will join the party to give more delightful actions.

The Green Beast and CopyCat Kakashi VS The Masked Madara


    I love these two Sensie fighting style and  I also love how they kick their opponent's ass with no mercy. Maito Guy a Taijutsu master and Kakashi the one eye sharinggan master... both of them has their own promising fight to see. Remember how Maito Guy cooked Kisame with his Peacock and Tiger asura attack... he might gonna use it again in the next chapter. 

   The Masked Madara has two choice, he might escape like he always do or face them. If he gonna face them it will be another surprising battle, this must the best chance to show his true face.


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