Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Best Manga Artist of All Time

Here is the list of the Best Manga Artist of all time...

Ozama tezuka 
- the father of manga.. no doubt  about it

Akira Toriyama 
- the manga you see today won't be the same without Dragon Ball Z

Masahi Kishimoto 
 - have you heard of Naruto? its not  the best selling manga right now but the most famous  globally.. 2nd  to Dragonball Z for all time

4. Rumiko Takahashi 
 - Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha are famous internationally in both manga and anime. His masterpiece indulged a lot of Otakus.

Ichiiro Oda
 - he was next to Toriyama after Naruto but still his One Piece is one of the best so far

Takehiko Inoue 
- every page of his work is a masterpiece... slamdunk and vagabond is a manga to have

Nobuhiro Wasuki 
- creator Runrunin Kenshin which is famous globally during the its prime

 Tite Kubo 
- creator of Bleach.. he could be out in the top but Bleach is famous anyway and fans will fight for it

Naoko Takeuchi 
- craetor of Sailor moon.. girls will agree with me

Osamu Akimoto 
- creator of  kochikame.. which is the most famous Manga in Japan right now and soon maybe globally

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