Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hitman Reborn Manga 370 : Iemitsu Vs Adult Reborn

Ok the best part of this chapter is Reborn shown his fighting skills as an Adult. He looks cool and  so finesse on his moves, he's not even taking seriously facing Tsuna's father knowing Iemitsu has 100x powerful than Tsuna.

The Father vs the Son's Tutors 

Ciaossu True Meaning

According to Urban Dictionary it means 'Hi!' with Italian and Japanese combination.

"ciaossu" means "ciao" from italy and "ossu" from japan

But in manga, Reborn as a baby didn't mean to say Hi... it means CHAOS! its contrary of saying hello.
Maybe as a Baby he want to say Hello to make it cute but as an Adult he wan't to bless you goodBye to death.

Ciaossu! its Chaos time for you

Whats the difference of the Adult and the Baby Reborn

Almost perfectly the same specially the sideburns its just the suits got bigger to fit his size.
The special feature of their watch making them adult and its also giving them their adult uniform, indeed a noble prize invention.

The sideburns is the only thing that didn't age. Reborn pissed off after Iemitsu got out from the Alliance

...Next Chapter:

  Perhaps Tsuna will defeat his father because for the plain reason he's the HERO of this series. Iemitsu probably want to test his Son's potential and want to make him stronger for the next fight. I wish they can show more about Iemitsu power. He just got easily OWNED by Adult Reborn without showing something special. I was thinking he'll be using his Miner's Pick and put some huge energy like a reaper blast. 

Tsuna has a crazy plan to beat his Father but maybe after home he'll beaten up to death


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