Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Naruto Manga 580: Brotherly Time (Sasuke & Itachi Vs Kabuto Hermit Mode)

Kabuto - and his Eye Glass

   Everything changed in him except for his eye glass. He did all the evilish experiments and forbidden techniques but he forgot to fix the most important in his body, his eye sight. I thought he's the most amazing medic in ninja world, he can do anything like ressurecting dead people, cloning whoever he wanted too but he can't fix his damn eye sight.

Kabuto as the dragon snake freak.... with his favorite eye glass

Kabuto Eye Glass  are also  changing shape in his Sage (hermit mode)

Senpou - Hakugeki No Justu ( technique of the white shock )

  - its like a dragon roar that will paralyze or stun anyone who are inside its area. Its like listening to the music of Justine Beiber that will ruin your ears. I wonder what music did Kabuto was played inside that area and only him can stand it.

ohh shit... its Justin Beiber... anything but not that.. you're so EVIL Kabuto

Brotherly Past

 Something wrong with their past, Sasuke was so young before Itachi genocide his clan but in their memories, Sasuke was a bit older. I still trust Kishimoto with his story maybe its just another drawing mistakes.

Sasuke and Itachi with their Sosanoo Brothers

Sasuke with his Bow just like his Sosanoo 

Itachi with his Shuriken Mastery just like his Sosanoo

Kabuto as the Lizard in Spiderman

  Makes me wonder for sometime, Kabuto is looking exactly like Lizard from Spiderman.
Both of them are Mad Scientist that insane to experiment with their body. The only difference, Kabuto is gay and obsess with Orochimaru (who's also a gay)

Lizard Vs Kabuto --- the battle of the mad scientists

Ouch is that his P*nis got stabbed?

Nauro 101: 
When you're fighting with an Uchiha expect anything you stab is just an Illusion

Naruo 101:
When you stabbed Itachi, its probably some crows

 Killing a Boar

The Two Brothers has done for the day.. good thing they practiced killing a Boar during their past days. What's the connection of the boar and Snake? well, their both good food for any chinese.

Hey Bro, where's the Boar? I craving for pork chops...

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