Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fairy Tale Summer Edition

OK... for all Fairy Tale fans, it's been a year we didn't see any interesting things happened to the new chapter. Maybe they left the story after 7years gone. Lucy and Grey and the rest of the gang are still in the tournament and it may take more months and even years to get into the real fight. Though its obvious they'll be battling the Sabretooth group in the END.

Check out the new Cover, it maybe Rainy but its still Summer

The Girls are fighting inside in  a big Bubble..
How the hell they can talk and breath under water?

It's time to do the Sailormoon call....

its a girl fight under water so obviously Lucky will be using 
her favorite Aquarius

this scene is intentionally to get more views and sale

Good thing Lucy still have more cards to save her... 
the audience enjoying the fight...
How can they able to watch inside the Bubble?

 Lucy is running out of strength...
squeezing everything she got to win...
Atleast she's not like Sakura from Naruto, who can't squeeze any


Of course Lucy got lost.. she's useless without her Stellar Keys.
Anyway they STOP the fight because they have dirty plan
for a Stellar Wizard like Lucy... everything will be concluded next.


  1. Lucy is mouth watering sexy ... anyone agree?

  2. squeezing some strength :D ... that's hilarious


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