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Naruto Movie 5 : Blood Prison

Just seen the 5th Movie, I was planning to watch it on theater but I didn't  find time to do so. But I found the best way to watch it is by online or download somewhere. If you haven't seen it, better watch on theater so you will the sounds of japanese dialogues which I know you won't care to hear and feel like part of the sounding effects.

If you don't the details about the movie, check it out in wiki

Chunin Exam - Naurto Vs Konohamaru 

This is a bonus clip and its really funny. I must say you better enjoy this part because this is the only part you allowed to laugh, the following part will be ... I'm not sure, how will you rate it :)

I'm not sure if the clip is really part of the story but I guess its not. Because this clip probably happened before the Pain Invasion were Naruto is still not a Chunin. During that time Konohomaru is a bit weak and you can tell how he produce his Rasingan when we protected his sensie and also here his Kagebunshin looks too unbelievable. To sum it up, this never happened but its really enjoying and happy to watch.

Naruto fighting with his most rival kid... Konohamaru a

here are some funny wacky stupidly face in some parts of the clip

The Story

I'm not gonna tell much about the story so I won't spoil anything. I recommend you to watch it and enjoy it. I must say, its not really the best movie I've seen yet, the story a bit slow and you can only see nothing much but Naruto himself. What I really want in a movie is seeing the other characters contributed in the movie specially in the fighting scene. I love the 3rd movie wherein all the Konoha's team made a great combo against an enemy... that's an Epic. 

Anyway, this is good to movie to watch with friends and open up some arguments about the characters then you won't feel watching the movie at all

Here are some clips in the Movie that I find funny :

Gamabunta spewed Naruto like sushi

I think the artist lost his imagination thinking of a good beast that will look scary..
instead it went off too funny

I choose you.. "big mouth something-something"...
he's somewhere looks like in Pokemon or Digimon...

Gamabunta will be a good piece for your  dissection project in your laboratory class

A balloon Naruto.. kids loves balloon 

only in Anime.. if you stabbed this huge to them, they're surely still alive and
can beat the bad guy for the win

The Guard Supervisor, looks like Kim Jong-il... 
he looks gay here and he made Naruto undress in nude

the Kick Ass Gamabunta, I'm  not  a fan of Frogs.. 
but its  awesome to have a pet like him, and he can also talk

Humongous  Rasegan for delivery

If Bee's in the story, there's should be Japanese Rap with no rhythm for sure

Naruto died but then they able to resurrect him with the forbidden jutsu..
same with Chiu used to Gaara... I wish Sakura did the forbidden jutsu

as part of the ending... everyone's happy except the antagonist


If you've seen the Avengers and the other Marvel Movies, they are popular with their END CREDITS clips. This movie also has it, if you wait after the credits you'll see they put back the Box into the ocean with Bee. And Naruto gave a funeral to Mui and Ryuzetsu, he say something about the promise thing... and then the drama..

 There's nothing much to see but the bouncy boobs of Tsunade here... ohh and also how the Konoha pretend to be unaffected after Naruto has been captured to prison.

Kakashi and Tsunade looks dancing stupid 

if you have a good eye.. you can count the bounce


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