Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jiraiya is Still Alive

After the awfully defeat against the six paths Jiraiya end his saga. This is the most tear dropping moment for an avid fan of the Pervert Hermit. Reading this in Manga for the first making me shout Kishimoto.. WHYYyyy!!! whhyyy you killed Jiraiya!!

too many sticks in his back... are they gonna cook 
a Toad barbecue for dinner?

technically he died from drowning

A sincere smile of a pervert

 in Conclusion of the great Jiraiya, after the fell in to the deepest part of the ocean.
He turned into a frog.. so most probably he's still alive.. Now that Orochimaru confirmed alive there's no wonder he still alive as well. Waiting for his recovery in the Toad Island.

Just wait for this Frog turn into a Pervert Hermit..
a kiss might break the spell

So Girls, now that Jiraiya turned into a frog..
check first if there's any frog surrounds  you
before you take off your clothes 

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