Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Naruto 598: 99% Obito is Madara

It's getting closer now to reveal who's behind the Masked Madara but as for my speculation he's 99% Obito unless of course Kishimoto decided to change it. I'm free to get mistake because I'm just a regular reader and Kishimoto is the master of this manga so I leave the best result to him.

Kakashi still reminiscence the grave that he gave to Obito... maybe Obito doesn't like his tomb that's he went back to life ... 
"Obito: Kakashi.. I don't like the color of my Tomb.. you will pay for this...." 

Kakashi unleashed again the Kamui in exchange of his last chakra at the same time
Madara release the same Jutsu, both of them shares the same dimension but why they don't
see each other in other dimension?

Double the Trouble .. the Kamui's

Finally, next chapter this has been the question for so long years ...
these are the question we be answered next chapter:

  1. Who is Madara?
  2. Is Obito is the real Madara, really.. I mean Really Really?
  3. How Obito came back to life if he's Madara?
  4. How's Madara always carrying a big fan?
  5. Who designed his mask?
  6. Where can I buy his mask?
  7. Is Ichigo is gay?
  8. Do you have justin Beiber tickets?

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