Friday, August 17, 2012

Naruto 597 : Masked Madara is Obito

Wow... my prediction that Masked Madara is Tobi is getting closer.. its almost 50% true now after Kakashi confirmed that they both shares the same power meaning they shares they same eye. And Masked Madara reveled he acquired the eye from the Third Shinobi War at Kannabi Bridge.

Madara and Kakashi Face Off

Tobi and Kakashi Face Off

They both used the same power Kamui a space-dimension justsu. According to Urban Dictionary its, Kamui is a God and another one is like a poser copy-cat or a patch. So it means like copying someone's ability. But
Kamui in Urban Dictionary

Madara mentioning about the Kanabi Bridge

Though in partial, Madara is saying he acquired the Sharinggan from Tobi during the war but it could be he's just flopping about it. Remember he can do the Kamui, maybe Tobi able to escape c from his grave.. sounds ridiculous. It could be also a Medical Ninja recovered his body and done something to his body. Anyway let leave you the rest of beautiful story to the Smart Kishamoto.

Kanabi Bridge after he war

Another proof, when Madara's tell about the "Hero doesn't need to make pitiful excuses in front of Graves" , he must be referring to his Grave after the war.

Masked Madara and BullsEye

Naruto Movie is now Showing....

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