Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Haux Alert : Izuna Madara is Tobi as Kishimoto Revealed in his Interview

Just went to my facebook and seen someone posted about Kishimoto's interview from Comic Market. First of all it looks genuine to me, so I read the article and it makes me believe that's could be true. But after thinking about it again on way back home, I speak to my thinking "wait... Kishimoto NEVER ever reveal any piece of his next chapter even a bit of spoiler. So I did my own research"

If you haven't seen the original post.. you can find here:

It's a Haux

Then after a while, a lot of people posting their comments and confirmed that's the interview never happened and it's just another haux story from your mail that you need to trash. Another lonely Fan boy frustrated to convince everyone that his prediction is correct. You know how fans when they reading too much they gone out from reality and making stupid things.

Here's another post in Fandom that's saying the Interview isn't real:

Here is another post which I'm not sure if its genuine but nonetheless its telling about the crap story about Izuna


The Old Haux about  Minato as a Akatsuki

As I Remember, there are some of  Haux that has been posted by a lot fan boy, one of those saying - the leader of Akatsuki was Yondaime- Minato Namikzae , Naruto's father. A lot of people got believed with it, that even the Manga has been already released  and confirmed that the Haux is a Crap, yet there are still a lot of fans keeping on believing Minato is the leader and hoping someday it will be confirmed to be true.


I still respect the creator's bright mind. He's still giving a lot of surprises with the story. So far, for me its so unpredictable and he always has the best idea to make the story go. One of my Prediction is Madara could be Obito but I could be wrong. Kishimoto is a true genius, he's one of the author I look up and respected.

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