Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reborn Vs Bermuda - Chaos

The Best hat will win

The most awaited match up is here, The Battle of the strongest Arcobaleno. I thought they can only Lift Up their curse once, but how Reborn able to lift up it again. Anyway we know He's the only guy can match up Bermuda and now its here.

Speaking of Bermuda, his looks is so freaky weird. It's like one of your scariest monster in your childhood. Kids will  get nightmares when they see him. Makes me wonder he looks like a fusion of Slash and Chucky.

Slash Chucky  is Bermuda

And Finally, Reborn gave Tsuna he's old power of Dying Will Bullet. I thought the Dying Will is already in his side, now he shot him with it again could his power enhance 100x now?

Fatality! brains on the floor

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