Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All cast of The Simpsons Family crossover with Naruto

The Simpsons Family and the neighbors will crossover 
to Konoha Village

The Simpsons in Ninja outfit of Naruto.. 
meet Homer as Kakashi,  Bart as Naruto, 
Lisa as Sakura and all the gang of The Simpsons

meet the Konoha Heroes , 
Bart as Naruto, Lisa as Sakura and Homer as Kakashi


The Team 7

Bartaruto.. specialty ransegan prank balloon

Bartgaara.. specialty beach quick sand prank

The Akasuki and Simpson neighborhood 

The Hokages in Elmo's Bar

Team 7 mentored by Homerakashi

Team 10 , with Groundskeeper Willie Asuma

The rude and baddest gangsta of Akasuki

Mr. Burns as Orochimaru who looks like a rat than a snake,
and Smithers as Kabuto  the ever loyal sucker of Orochimaru


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