Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Reason Why Bleach is Still SUCKS!

1. In the last chapter of final battle with Aizen, they said Ichigo will NEVER EVER get his reitsu back (i was happy then)... now WOW... plain STUPID trick for RETARDS to rejoice they have their ICHIGO back because the Captains has the choice to do it so... WTF

2. There's no more creativity with drawings.. if you will compare the first chapters.. you can see a lot of GREAT costumes from vaizards and arrancar and many more.. now its just a recycle of all costumes and boring crap

3. Big frames in every chapter.. just for one action 2-5 frames will be used. One way to Kubo to save time to let his retards enjoy the chapter

4. Too much nonsense talk and looping discussion

(wahh I'm sucks!......)

5. PREDICTABLE STORYLINE... if you read Bleach from the very starts.. you'll find Kubo pattern of story line.. the enemy is not his enemy and his friend is his Enemy.. just like with Aizen and Zankapatou materialization arc.

6. Bleachtards who's trying to make out of reason that Bleach is still the BEST... (they need medication)

7. Until most of the Captains haven't shown they Bankai even Shinkai... Kubo still don't have idea what to put in

8. The fights is boring because the style and movements are still the same.. its he copy and paste it from the old chapters

9. Too much explanation for nonsense things.. to explain a situation it will use the 5 frames and it will just say nonsense.. Maybe Bleachtards has poor understanding that's why Kubo need to explain it in wide details

10. The anime is still on the ARC.. why??? because the Manga is Failure


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