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The Bijuu and the Jinchuriki

As the Moon's Eye Project ( Tsuki no Me Keikaku ) approaches on  where the Ten Tails (Jubi) will be resurrected and Madara in his plan, he will be  completely taking control over humanity and this will give an infinite  peace in the world. Sounds sellfish and like the kage's said its like doing what we want for himself and not allowing people to have free-wills. 

The main ingredients of this project is the life of Jincuriki's where they will extract the Bijuu inside them. Gaara is luckily survive by exchanging life with Chio but the others they're all dead and currently used by Kabuto as his puppet zombies. The only Jirunchiki left currently is Killer-B and Naruto where all great villages allied themselves to protect the two remaining Jirunchiki.

The Jinchuriki and pokemons inside them

Who are those Pokemons?

before Kishimoto's  released the complete designs of Bijuu,
originally the fans look at the Bijju something weird Pokemons like belows:

and more Pokemons speculates that this would like these

The Bijuu

 Bijuu are powerful animals that implanted to their host to give enormous power, the numbers of tails the powerful it can be. Currently Naruto has the most powerful Bijuu while Killer-B is  best jichuriki that can use his Bijuu at it most potential. 

0 Tail  controlled by Shino.. (OVA only)
its not in the list because someone stupid want to be in the history and to be part of great Jinchurikis, anyway its only in the OVA.

1 Tailed  Shukaku, Gaara as its host.. not really too strong Bijuu but in time where Naruto as a kid had a hard time taking down this beast. Good thing Jiraiya went to rescue.

2 Tails Nibi, hosted by Yugito
The girl look likes Sai maybe his girl version. As Nibi the Akatsuki easily taken the Bijuu from her maybe she's a pussy (the Bijuu is a cat)

3 Tails Sanbi, hosted by Yagura,
 In arc filler this turtle has been resurrected right according  to Kabuto's plan.
Not really too strong, all it does is just to rampage and squish in the sea .

4 Tails Yonbi, hosted by Roshi,
The looks of the Bijuu is taken from Dragonball Z in Ape form and of course Roshi is a character in Dragonball Z, the pervert old man. I wonder the Roshi in Naruto is the same like Jiraiya... maybe Jiraiya is the best alternative host for this Bijuu.

5 Tails Gobi, hosted by Han,
Pretty much unknown to this dude wearing an armor. He maybe weak because he's one of the first Bijuu the Akatsuki has been captured. I'm thinking he just having a boring life and surrendered himself to the gay society Akatsuki.

6 Tails Rokubi, hosted by Utakata,
Another Orochimaru look alike, maybe he's gay too. Aside from the fact he likes blowing things and his slimy Bijuu looks like a shit. Anyway, this guy has powerful weapon like those  in Power Puff girls using.. the power of Blowing Bubbles.

7 Tails Nanabi, hosted by Fu,
This is the most closely resembled to Pokemon or Digimon. I think if I'm not mistaken, this is the only Bijuu that can fly because it has wings. The second babe Jirunchiki in the group, she looks like perfect match with Naruto but too bad this chick no longer available... for relationship and for anything.

8 Tails Hachibi, hosted by Killer-B,
The only Hachibi that can talk from it first appearance because Killer-B able to manipulate him and get bond with him. Bijuu hates Killer-B attitude specially its rap-singing, its weird the Bijuu has better brains than his owner. The looks of the Bijuu looks like Chicago Bulls logo with some tentacles of sushi.

9 Tails Kyubi, hosted by Naruto,
Nothing much to say to this Bijuu, this has been spoken so many times and overrated. As we know that like Killer-B, Naruto able to get bonded with his Bijuu, he can now able to use it at its full potential. Kyubi is a fox same like NineTales in Pokemon.. there are some anime that has Kyubi character such like Inuyasha and Kekkaishi.

10 Tails Jubi, hosted by Sage of the Six Paths / Madara,
 This Alien looking monster has the most tails so that means he is the most powerful bad ass Bijuu. How powerful it is? it can destroy the world that's why the Sage sacrifice himself just to seal this Beast. It likes the Dragon Magic Balls once all the tails has been completed, Shenron will appear and you can make a wish. The only difference is, this Bijuu is too scary to dead.. and I don't think you can say anything before you can say a wish.

The passed away Jichurikis are preparing for battle as Kabuto resurrected them to face Naruto and Killer-B , but can they still be great without their Bijuu? Naruto will just eat them alive for dessert. 

The Pokemon Chibi's design.. Who's that Bijuu?

Madara controlled the Kyubi to attack the Konoha while Shinju Harashima defended his village against the rampage of the Nine-Tails.

The Scary Chibi Deviant art of the Jinchurikis

The Jichuriki's in Naruto Cover's issue

Sonic hedgehogs with their Bijuu's

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