Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Naruto summons the Pokemons

Naruto fused to Ninetales

Jiraiya fused to Croagunk

Absol fused to Temarin

Kankuro fused to Pocheyeta

Kinimaru and Growlithe

Ninata fused to fluppy

Sasuke fused to Luxio

The Cast of Naruto fused to Pokemons


  1. Half these picture were made by my friend, give credit where credit is due

  2. this is not only the site that used that images. Once you published it in the internet expect a lot of people will copy it but as long as they're nothing putting anything with the claims, then its fine.

    If the author wants to remove the images then there's no problem about it, there's a lot of images that can be replaced


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