Thursday, October 27, 2011

Naruto 561 - Onoki his last stand

The BigBang Meteor 

Last chapter Madara (the resurrected from impure) summons a big meteorite that will smash the whole Ninja Alliance troops. Now in the  continuation, Onoki and Gaara helped each other to protect the alliance and while others running for their lives. Onoki used his Earth-Ultra-Light-Weight-Rock to stop the rock while Gaara created a barrier for extra shield.

Awkward, the big meteorite has similar scene in One-Piece where the Noah's arc will collide the fishman Island. And Hody has resemblance with Madara insane war freak powers.

Onoki turned the massive Meteorite into soft shit


  After stopping the Meteorite, Madara released another Meteorite to make them suffer more. Good thing the bad ass grumpy Old man endured the attack. Then after releasing too much jutsu he got exhausted like a dead old man. 

Onoki looks like a dead corpse from impure resurrection

Madara was not yet finish, he has some more toys, he released the wood element he got from Hiroshima.
Such a ruthless war freak, he never enjoyed killing that much.

Madara summon a huge root for another attack

The Kyubi hatred against Madara

The Kyubi offered a help to Naruto because he despise Madara so much. Maybe Madara never been a good owner to his puppy.

Kyubi hates Madara so much, makes me wonder what kind of past
he had with his former master

 Now for the last scene, Onoki is on fire  to face Madara who's said his worthy opponent for such long time. Onoki mentioned he had faced  Madara before and this got to be a big rematch to death. 

Can wait to see the old man fight with the dead man...

The final battle of the old man... 
hope he's back pain will not kill him first

------- something from the bin

The Real and The Fake.. (in cool color light-in-the-dark eyes)

Susanoo Madara version.. its looks it came from hell

the Emo Madara

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