Thursday, October 27, 2011

Onoki Tsuchikage Vs Uchiha Madara

The big fight will start in the next issue of Naruto (562). The Old Man versus the Dead Man, can the the old man kill the insane over-power Madara or  Madara will make him the next Dead Man.

Obviously if we face off the two we already know who's gonna win. The Bad Ass Madara of course, as we know, Onoki is already exhausted and seriously want to end his life with his long time opponent. 
The best part of this issue is, Onoki will tell some stories about his greatness during his prime and fighting against the past alive Madara. We might also find some interesting clues who's the Fake Madara in the Mask is.

You're Onoki you said? sorry I don't remember you, 
how do you think I can remember a million of men like you I killed 

from the past Onoki and Hiruzen Sarutobi fought each other, I think Hiruzen won the battle as he known as the greatest Kage in his era but it would be nice to see the actual battle of their clash.

The 3rd Tsuchikage Onoki Vs the 2nd Tsuchikage Mu..
I miss Kekkaishi  Manga when he's doing his Kekkai

Onoki could be the next old man that will die in Naruto.
Will he join Choi, Danzo and Sarutobi in heaven?

Not only in Naruto an Old Man will fight to death in this kind of scenario.
Markorov in Fairy Tales fought the black dragon to save his people but
he able to survive though. Can Onoki have the same fate like him?
Most old man in Naruto die as the record says./

Super Grandpa to the rescue... he'll finish Madara once and for all

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