Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naruto Manga 559 - Who is the Man Behind The Mask of Madara

Now the biggest twist in the story.. I got shocked after reading it and got the same question.
'Who's the man behind the Mask?' since they shown that Uchiha Madara corpse has been resurrected this means he's originally dead and the one that alive could be a clone or some other else.  

  • Could it be his other brother he killed in the past as a sacrifice for the eye?
  • Could be the one that in the mask is Orochimaru? 
  • Could it be a clone of Madara that can act like as him? 
  • Or could it be another power of Mu that can clone a corpse from dust?

This last frame give us a big question .. who's the guy in the mask? who's that Pokemon?


I'm thinking the real one is the one that has a mask since he knows a lot about the past. The Uchiha Madara corpse was his former body, I'm also thinking  that Madara has a power to transfuse himself to a new offspring. Its like sealing a baby to a womb of a woman. 

Naruto Nine Tails mode

Naruto Ninte Tails saving Hinata in face of danger

Mu is still alive and kicking , now even ready to retaliate

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