Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Piece Manga 642 - You Couldn't even KILL my BOREDOM!

  The Fishman Island is on the face of its apocalypse now that the Giant Boat of Noah is heading on its way to collide the island and the princess. Its now up to the Luffy Pirates to start the battle and finish the Hody's Fishman madness.

  Only Zorro can say this better 'You want to kill me? you couldn't even kill my boredom!' lets wait for the next chapter to kill this boredom.

+***  Mugwara Pirates Vs New Gyo Jin Pirates ****+

Luffy Vs Hody

Zoro Vs Hyouzou

Sanji+Jenbi  Vs Onyoudou 

Usop Vs Daruma

Chopper Vs Dosun

Franki Vs Ikaro

Brook Vs Zeo

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