Friday, October 28, 2011

Hitman 359 : Battle of The Rainbow

Now the battle has began, everybody are anxiety because at any moment their watches might alarm and someone will ambush them. As for Sawada's group they're on alert though they to do their normal day in schools.

The Ambush 

The Boss Watch announces the Battle will start soon, its like a death watch

The Reborn's team got alarmed when the Boss Watch signaled that the battle will begun in few minutes.
This mean anyone will attack them specially the Boss as the main target. Along Enma who's Tsuna's classmate has been alerted and attacked with knifes, that most likely the Varias is on target on him.

Father Vs Son

The biggest surprise is the appearance of Iematsu the Boss of CEDEF that will face his own son Tsuna.
It looks like he gonna teach Tsuna the toughest lesson ever in his life. What's lesson will Iematsu will teach his son?
is it how to shave his  beard? 
is it about courting with girls? 
is it about having a safe-sex? 

The Father and Son finally face off... will Iemitsu will give the way for his Son?
or he'll take this seriously to train his Son in the most tough fight?

Iematsu will Treat Tsuna like an Adult.. that will be tough.. 
no more buckle or wooden stick to punish Tsuna, his Dad is dead serious.. 

 Can't wait for the next issue, we will see the true power of Iematsu. Being the Boss of CEDEF he must be awesome and deadly smart. Though the outcome probably predictable because Tsuna is the Hero here so he will gonna win for sure, but for sure his Dad will not gonna give him an easy win.


The Representatives

Every Team are almost complete except for Fon.
Looking at the members of every Arcobaleno, it looks like Reborn, Mammon and Uni's groups has the big advantage. Uni's group is the most filled group and all of them are insane powerful as we'd seen in the future. But we can't be sure who's gonna take the glory,  there are still upcoming surprises for every team. Verdes, Skulls and Colonelo will not make this game easy.

Who will be on Fon's Team?

  This is still a mystery, everyone already taken their team from the famous Mafia and Fighters and now Fon's still hasn't shown his team. Since Dino has already been included to Reborn's team so he's already taken out from the list. 

  He could picks Kyoya Hibari since he don't want to participate with Tsuna and knowing Hibari has his own group though his members never seen in real battle. He could also pick Lambo and I-Pin since they're all babies that he can manipulate as well as I-pin as his disciple. 

  The most possible Team he picked is the Team that never seen in the whole story. He might be introducing a new team he handled like I-pin.

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