Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tobi (The Good Boy) Chibi

Do I look too gay with this look?

How Tobi playing the people in Akatsuki... (literally)

I'm the evil Madara.. yes I'm cute

 Tobi is Bad Ass!!

Hi I'm Good Boy Tobi... can I kill you? 

The scary puppet

Hi Sensie.. let's kill innocent people today..

atleast I can revel some parts of my face.. that's my mouth

This is the bad things about having an one eye

Hi everyone can you help me to get back my self.. I can't spread my body

See I'm a Good Boy.. I'm not the evil Madara

look no hands!!

The Ugliest Truth

I found my Tailed Beast ... this is my Jinchuriki

wow I can see panty down here...

sorry I missed looking at you.. I have an one eye you know?

where's my dead.. huhuhu

damn it Tobi you gone too much for being a Good Boy.. it ruined my Evil Image

I'm sad because I'm no longer the Good Boy Tobi.. huhu

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