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Who is behind in the mask of Uchiha Madara

There's a lot of discussion on going in some forums about  who's the real guy behind the mask of the guy pretending to be  Uchiha Madara. That guy also known  as before as  Tobi. After the ressurected Madara shown up in the battle field, its clear that he is the real Madara  and the guy in the mask is a mysterious to be unknown. The big question now is, who's that weirdo guy? As we known before, he's pretending to be a good boy and covered his identity as Tobi .

Tobi the good boy... during the Akatsuki era

Anothe Sasuke Face

some assumes he has awesome face like Sasuke..
maybe a gay version of him


Some assumes it could be Obito. Before there's a humor that Tobi is Obito because their names sounds like and the characters resembles each other .Aside from the fact that Obito might want to get a revenge to Kakashi because of his miserable fate .

Because of their the same missing eye.. there's a chance that Tobi is Obito but there's a scene in the Kakashi arc where Obito was buried and Kakashi promised to look after their friend. If Tobi is Obito then Obito might had been buried alive :) .

behind the mask is another another goggles mask...

Kakashi and Obito faceoff... 
some assumes it could Obito because of their eyes match each other.

Another gay version of Tobi as Obito

 Obito as the Akusuki tobi, who both looks like a jolly guy who loves to do stupid childs play.
One of their similarities is they're both afraid to battle and scared to death to fight. As we know Obito was afraid to fight with his Sharingan. 

Obito and Tobi back to back


Some believes Tobi was Danzo, because they  both has the same lost eye.
But during the Kage's Summit, this is impossible because Tobi as Madara talked to 
Danzo... If Madara is Danzo ... then maybe he has the power to talk to with himself.

The bad ass Danzo in his complete ninja gear.
They say Danzo was a handsome guy during his youth... 
I'm not sure why no one dares to try  to draw that imagination.

The battle of Madara and Danzo to win Sasuke's choice

Danzo witnessed the Uchiha and Senju rivalry.. so 100% he's not Madara.


Some assume it could Senju Hashirama ( the first hokage)  as the guy behind the mask of the other Uchiha Madara

Madara and Senju during their time as allied but rivals

Senju has a chance to be the Madara because he might has a grudge with Konoha and want to protect his friend the real Madara. Though in early part where the 3rd Hokage fought him as Orochimaru resurrected him.

Izuna Uchiha

some assumes it could be  someone looks like he's dead brother

Uchiha Madara changed his mask maybe because is too dirty and his face getting some rashes on it.

Uchiha is trying to get close to Sasuke but great thing Itachi put some auto-gay rape protection to his brother. Madara has shown shown half of his face and almost visible... one thing has been confirmed that he has face and not a blank one.. but who's face it is? is still a questions.

But the best idea of what's Madara would be looks like is this grumpy ugly dude


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