Sunday, October 23, 2011

Uchiha Madara (Tobi) Funny Collections

The Moon's Eye Project was originally plan by  Doctor Evil

Why Madara hate's Sasuke so much...

The very lasting that Itachi want to know about Tobi

The Kenton Cloud only allowed to ride a Good Boy

because of his one eye.. Tobi always having hard time to find small things

Tobi has the dark side

yo Hachi --killah-bee , I challenge you to a battle rap 

WTF!!! I know there's a snake in my team

why Tobi should not be an emo

The Ugliest Truth behind the mask 

anyone want's to play with me in Thumb Wrestling?

Tobi is an Artist like Deidara Sensie

Deidara teaching Tobi how to win

Deidara teaching Tobi to be an Artist

Unmasking the truth

Didn't get his baby talk

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