Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bleach 474 : Believe

I got surprised with the latest chapter, suddenly there's something to talk about and something a bit movement in the story. After having a lot monogamous plot, Kubo finally thought of making something different. Though its not totally different, its looks a Deja-vu somehow.

Urahara and Isshin are Bothered

 It sound that there's something about Truth has about to reveal. Why Urahara and Isshin is bothered to rush to the Battle. Is it something about Ginjo Kugo said? It so seldom to see Urahara in bad mood or on panic. It must be a big surprised to be revealed.


The Secret of The Badge

  Ginjo is telling Ichigo the secret of the Badge that there's a hidden agenda why the Shingami World want him to keep it always. Its weird, among of all items to have a mystery, why its have to be the Badge? I think some Shinigami wears their own Badge for their District but Ichigo Badge says its for the Substitute Shinigami so what's the difference? I think Kubo can't find another piece of object to put a mystery but the badge. He could be more unique or creative, I'm just saying.

The Substitute Shinigami Badge... 
they said it has surveillance tracker on it... COOL!!
now we know Ichigo doesn't have privacy at all
and maybe the Soul  Society is watching him like a Reality TV Show

Ukitake Jushirou ..... Another Aizen Plot

  Wait... is this Deja Vu?  he said the most peaceful man has the most vicious plan and wanted to control them? is this the same plot what Aizen did before? another peaceful man that has dark side... OK it must be Bleach format anyway and Fans would love it. Here you go, the story will be repeated... 

great.. now we know that there's another guy who will come in the same path with Aizen


    I'm not really a big fan of Bleach, maybe once in a while if there's something to talk about just like now. It bothers me why this Ginjo always talked a lot of nonsense and suddenly we will take back what he said. Is Ginjo is like Kubo impersonation?   Anyway its a nice chapter, somehow there's something different did come.

Next Chapter - Bleach Manga 475:

  Surely it will be more talking and action. Now Urahara and Isshin is about to go to the Battle to help Ichigo. Is Ginjo is trying to brainwash Ichigo again? or is he telling the truth? Urahara will help to clear it up, as we know he's the most intelligent guy  in the Story.

................ something from bin

Ichigo Super Saiyan 3

Ichigo : are you sure you have taken me to Sexy Chicks bar? 
why is there a Guy dancing naked on the stage?

Ginjo: ohhh... I thought you would like that as well

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