Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Naruto 564 : No One

  The freak mask started his move to find the remaining Bijuu, ironically he head clash with Naruto without finding him. The two main characters in the story finally meet once more to fight for the last.

Head Clash between The Masked Madara and Naruto

who's head is harder... Naruto is stubborn and Masked Madara is hardheaded senile

that had must been really hurt,  
why don't they just throw they punches instead hitting their heads

Masked  Madara and the 6 Jinchuuriki

 Masked Madara has his own 6 ultimate team. The Jinchuuriki fighting without their advanced weapon bijuu. The battle of the 8 Jinchuuriki has started, Killer B and Naruto will fight against their former own kind. Though they're outnumbered but with their Bijuu inside them they're surely has big advantage.

6 Jinchuuriki is in the House, 6 against 2 (+2 bijuu) not bad 

  Roshi started the first move by spitting a magma from his mouth but before Naruto and Bee tried to counter the attack, Yagura countered them right away with Water Mirror, their attack has been nullified and they got imprisoned with a Bubble from Utakata. Utakata explodes the Bubble Boom and when they got recovered from the explosion, Fu casted the Scale Camouflage which it made everything in Camouflage. Han and Yugito attacked them from the Comouflage but Killber B and Naruto have managed to block it.

I'm No One

   After Naruto told's that there's another Madara in the another side of the Battle, The Masked Madara surprised and laughed about it. This make the confrontation really a mystery,  could it be The Masked Madara is the genuine Madara and the other Madara is just another Kabuto's Laboratory Mouse. Madara told them that he doesn't care who he is but he is really serious attaining the Moon's Eye Project.

After Madara confront that he's No One....
Naruto sang's in reply ... "There's No Body- No Body .. like you"

The Moon's Eye is in his hand

  Looks like the Masked Madara is really close to achieve his monster plan, as the last ingredients is already in front of him. The Jinchuuriki are pretty not that easy as they think and even without their Bijuu  they're remarkably strong though they got implanted with Sharingan and Renigan in their eyes.

The Jinchuuriki's are hungry for battle after the long sleep 

Now Madara is dead serious with his Moon's Project completion. Can he pass his project completely or his teacher will mark him failed? With his freaky eyes that look's a Cat Rapist will surely I believe his insanely hungry to get what he wants.

look into my eyes .. you'll follow my orders.. give me your Lollipop...

........... something from bin

The All Stars Five Kages with their fighting pose

... beware someone is watching you... runaway from your rapist

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