Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hitman Reborn Manga 361 - Hibari and Fon Team Up

Now the Vongola lost their strongest member and became their worst rival. Hibari agreed with Fon to be his representative for Arcobaleno Rainbow Battle. The worst part now is, his main target is his own former allies.

Bite to death... I wonder how big his mouth , 
is he always that  famish that he always say this such things

Fon and Hibari - Ready Bite To Death

Fon is happy that he picked up he's right guy to fight for him. Now the question is, Hibari will be fighting alone, can he withstand  all the competitators? we still don't know yet what's Fon is planning and yet we already know he can also call I-pin or his other desciple to join Hibari. 

 Ryohei is out of the game after Hibari easily destroyed his watch without doing too much effort.

They both look alike, it looks Fon is Hibari Sons

Prepare to bite to death, Hibari will eat you for his dessert

Enma and The Varia's Super Final Attack

While in the other side, Enma is suffering from too much Varia's attacks. He already been captured and ready to be eliminated. The Varia is planning to do a Final Ultimate Attack using their rings.

I said I want my coffee with no coffee but only sugar... take this....!!!

The Watch Special Feature - 'I'm Present'

The big surprise in this chapter is the special feature of Arcobaleno Watch. When a baby call the ' I'am Present' in crucial time it will activate the hidden power. That hidden power will return them to their original adult form. Skull is the first baby to use it, in the next chapter we will see the true power of Skull and why he has been part of the "World Most Powerful Man"

it's UltraMan time, 49secs to go before his power run off

Next Chapter ....
    Skull will show his true power as an adult and why he has been part  of the 'Word Most Powerful Babies'. The problem is, he got only 49seconds to defeat the Varia's. This is just like The Ultraman style , where he has a time limit with his form and have to use it before he turns back into ugly baby again.

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