Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hitman Reborn Ranking

Hitman Rebron has released their ranking based from the Fan Votes. Its has some surprising rank that you can't hardly imagin while some also came as like as we expected.

Epilogue of the ranking, the Arcobaleno gathered to find out who's on the top and who failed in the rank. Skull is excited to see if he's in the first in both categories because knowing that he is the most unlikely character (Lambo is still the most annoying character).

Arcobaleno Babies who will reveal the rankings.. damn it!

Who's the Favorite and The Strongest

The Top Favorites
  1. Hibari Kyouya
  2. Sawada Tsunayoshi
  3. Rokudou Mukuro
  4. Flan
  5. Gokudera Hayato
  6. Superbi Squalo
  7. Yamamoto Takeshi
  8. Dino
  9. Xanxus
  10. Belphegore
  11. Chrome Dokuro
  12. Vongola Primo
  13. Reborn
  14. Lambo 
  15. Kozate Enma

- I'm surprised that Hibari has taken the most 'favorite character' category because he's not the lead character of the story. Just like in other Manga Rankings, the lead character always taken the first place. Maybe the fans doesn't like Tsuna super unpredictable powers and as a character he's too damn stupid. Flan also got into the votes knowing he's just got a small part in The Future Arc.

The Top Strongest
  1. Tsuna Tsunayoshi
  2. Hibari Kyouya
  3. Reborn
  4. Xanxus
  5. Rokudou Mukuro
  6. Vongola Primo
  7. Byakuran
  8. Superbi Squalo
  9. ??????
  10. Yamamot Takeshi
  11. Kozato Enma
  12. Flan
  13. Gokudera Hayato
  14. Fon
  15. Old Man Kawahira
 *there's no #9, editor error

  - Hibari got into top rank again as #2 , I thought Reborn is the strongest and next to it is must be Byakuran. Hibari must be overrated character as we can see in both categories. The rest is fine with me, Kozato Enam should be gone in  a little higher rank. Fon we haven't seen him fighting, though we know he's strong but how come he came into the rankings?

  Anyway the best ranking will still be what's in the viewers eye. Thru reading the whole chapter you can tell who's strongest bad ass without looking at the ranking. 

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